Hi there,

This is my first official post in my blog. Exciting, isn’t? Ok, today I just wanted to introduce myself.

I am from Chile and studied informatics engineering back in 1998 at the Universidad Diego Portales. After that I worked as a business intelligence analyst for 11 years. Then I came to Sheffield in order to do my MSc, after that I back to Chile and work for two more years until now where I am happily in Sheffield starting my PhD research.

My MSc program was a great refresh for my knowledge and, as I expected, was a great personal experience. It was here in Sheffield, during my MSc, where i first knew about Speech Recognition, the topic that I am very interested.

I took the speech processing and speech recognition modules, both dictated by the professors, Roger Moore and Thomas Hain.
My supervisor Dr. Jon Barker was a great inspiration and he encourage me to follow what I though would be a good Dissertation Topic, Speech Recognition in Music. Off course, I can’t left but recognize to Erfan Loweimi who supported and helped me all the time.

This is all for now, in a future post I can talk more in detail about my MSc Dissertation which I think that will be very interested for you.

Thank you so much.